Listen to SahBabii’s new album Do it for Demon

Listen to SahBabii’s new album <i>Do it for Demon</i> SahBabii  

Tattooed on SahBabii‘s forehead is an upside-down crucifix and the mark of the beast. He got that ink long before chart-topping rappers were literally dancing with the devil, just one measure of the young Atlanta rapper’s influence since the release of his cult-favorite project S.A.N.D.A.S.. That ink may lead you to believe that the title of his just-released sixth full-length Do it for Demon is some reference to the underworld, but the project’s title is in fact a tribute to a dead friend known as Demon. SahBabii hasn’t lost his sense of humor on the new project — or his affection for thumping beats with transcendent, almost new-age melodies — but the heavy moments, like “Today Might Be The Day,” cut deeper than SahBabii’s catalogue has in the past. Listen to the full project below.