Luccio Drops Tantalizing Remix Of Paul Thomas’ ‘Sweet Harmony

The love for dance music is at an all-time high, and I for one, am here for it. Everything from house & techno, to trap & dubstep, has seen an increase in their respective fanbase. One genre whose fanbase has never really wavered but only grown is that of & . It’s easy to see why when you actually dive into the genre, as it’s deep, hypnotizing, and even euphoric at times. For the perfect example of this, I would direct you to rising star, . He is known for combining “concepts of Trance, Progressive, Techno & House to create his own unique expressive sound”. This can easily be heard in his new remix of Katherine Amy & Paul Thomas‘ track, ‘Sweet Harmony‘..

Luccio‘s remix of ‘Sweet Harmony‘ starts off quick with an awesome rolling bass-line that I think could get anyone moving. This is paired with the drums & vocals, which are shortly followed by the synths. If you’re into progressive, trance, or even , I think you’re going to love this one.

With a runtime of 3:14, this is a tune that you may not mind playing a time or two more. With that being said, Luccio‘s remix of ‘Sweet Harmony‘ is out now  . It was released as part of FSOE’s UV Miami Compilation. You can can check out the full compilation, here. Enjoy!

Paul Thomas & Katherine Amy – Sweet Harmony (Luccio Remix) |STREAM

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