Lucy Dacus shares new song “Brando”

Just ahead of the release of her new album Home Video, Lucy Dacus shared the project’s fourth single “Brando” on Tuesday. The single serves as a follow-up to previously released singles “VBS,” “Hot & Heavy,” and “Thumbs.” According to Dacus, the song was inspired by a friend in high school who seemingly wanted to live in a cinematic dreamworld.

“’Brando’ refers to a very dramatic friend I had in high school whose whole personality was the media he consumed,” she explained in a statement about the track. “He showed me a lot of amazing movies and music, but I think he was more interested in using me as a scrapbook of his own tastes than actually getting to know me. He claimed to know me better than anyone else but I started to feel like all he wanted from me was to be a scene partner in the movie of his life.”

In addition to the release of the song, Dacus launched a video contest where participants can send clips of themselves with the song playing for a chance at being in the official music video. Home Video is out on June 25.

Stream “Brando” above.

Thumbnail image by Ebru Yildiz