Luna O’Cero’s Genre-Bending Album Come n’ Try Latin Stands Out With Its Brilliance

Picture of Luna O'Cero Come n' Try Latin

Luna O’cero, a talented artist with a passion for Latin music, has recently released his highly anticipated album, Come n’Try Latin, which fuses together various genres such as Salsa, Merengue, Son, and Bolero, creating a distinctive sound that truly embodies his personal style. 

Not wanting to confine himself to a single genre like many other artists do, O’cero strived to excel in multiple styles, honing his skills in both Salsa and Merengue. By drawing inspiration from legendary singers like Johnny Ventura and Joseito Mateo, Luna was able to defy boundaries and become a versatile artist. 

Reinventing classic songs can be a challenging task, but Luna has managed to do it with finesse. His rendition of Santana’s “Black Magic Woman” was met with great acclaim, thanks to the collaborative efforts of O’cero and Armando Olivero. They preserved the core elements of the original arrangement while introducing a new chorus, breathing new life into the song. 

The singer’s musical journey has been greatly shaped by iconic artists like Nat King Cole, Joseito Mateo, and Johnny Ventura, whose legacies profoundly influence his work. Rooted in his musical heritage, Luna O’cero aims to globally spread the joy of Latin music, introducing it to audiences and highlighting its rich traditions and rhythms. 

Through his album, Come n’Try Latin, Luna O’cero hopes to expand the reach of Merengue, a genre often overshadowed by Salsa, by incorporating the English language as a bridge to capture the attention of diverse listeners and showcase the beauty of Latin music.

Listen to the full album here: