Madeline Kenney takes over an amphitheater for the “Wasted Time” video

Madeline Kenney was a force to be reckoned with last year, delivering Sucker’s Lunch, one of our favorite albums of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic cancelled her tour, but in its place she wrote and recorded a new four-track EP called Summer Quarter, out today. It’s a welcome return for Kenney’s downy jazz-pop sound, and her self-directed music video for the song “Wasted Time” is equally approachable. Filmed at the Greek Theater in California, the film incorporates interpretative dance with a group of talented performers making the most of the unique space.

Read Kenney’s statement on the clip below:

“In making this music video, something inherently hands-on and collaborative, I wanted to make the process not only safe and comfortable for dancers amidst a pandemic, but also celebratory of their talents and a venue for them to move/ create/ express themselves in a way they may have not gotten the chance to do in a long time. We were super lucky to get let into the Greek Theatre to film, and using the drone made it easier to shoot the dancers safely. ‘Wasted Time’ is about making art and finding the process of selling that art to be the thing that kills it, and how hard it can be to create under duress and urgency. The dancers seemed to fully embrace that theme and run with it, and I wanted the video to show them running (or improvising) with it.”

Summer Quarter is out now via Carpark Records. Stream below on Apple Music and Spotify. Read our interview with Kenney here.