Mahmut Orhan Unveils Gritty New Techno Single ‘Kettle’s Up’

Turkish superstar DJ/producer Mahmut Orhan inches closer to the release of his highly-anticipated debut album, Pangea, with the gritty new single ‘Kettle’s Up‘, featuring Botan, out now via Ultra Records. The track marks the second time Orhan and Botan have collaborated, following their 2022 single on Ultra Records, ‘Backwards‘. 

Botan’s gravelly vocals unlock a voracious side of Mahmut’s production, which sounds heavier than ever on ‘Kettle’s Up,’ featuring razor-sharp synth stabs, colossal build-ups, and enough energy to summon all souls in earshot to the dancefloor. While much of Pangea is built around the intertwining of dance music and traditional, global instrumentation, this new single is strictly built to do damage on the massive stages he’ll encounter this year.

To start 2024, Orhan has embarked on an expansive world tour. With such a versatile concoction of sounds at his disposal, he’s able to perform in all corners of the world, up and down the Americas from Canada to Argentina and Central Europe to Saudi Arabia. As the weather warms up for festival season, Orhan will debut at several renowned music festivals, such as Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland, and Coachella, where he’ll perform over both weekends at the heralded Yuma Tent. 

On March 22, Orhan will deliver Pangea, his debut album that will continue his mission to harness the universal power of music by blending intercontinental and intercultural sounds. For now, you can listen to ‘Kettle’s Up’ below and on all available streaming platforms.

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