Major Fire Breaks Out Near Ibiza Airport, Causes Delays In Flights

Planes to and from the island experienced temporary setbacks due to the smoke.

A fire broke out near Ibiza Airport earlier today, causing delays for travellers and disrupting traffic flow. The sinister happened in the Citubo warehouse, one located close to the airport runways, and which reportedly contained various products like gardening equipment, furniture, and household items. An adjacent car rental building was also affected by the fire.

Due to its proximity to IBZ, the Ibiza International Airport, the blaze significantly impacted air travel, with reports of at least 13 departing flights and 19 arriving ones experiencing a delay. The main cause of this was the huge column of smoke emerging from the warehouse, visible, according to some witnesses, up to the opposite side of the island.

A passenger landing at IBZ captured the smoke from another angle.

There are no reports of injuries or deaths at the time of writing, with the only hurt individual being an elderly man who received treatment for smoke inhalation. As for the workers inside the warehouse itself, all employees were evacuated swiftly within minutes. The fire destroyed the 1,000-square-metre warehouse, though, with authorities anticipating a potential collapse soon. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

[H/T] Daily Mail Online