Mohammed Paika Achieves Another Milestone With “For The Rest Of Our Lives”

Albuquerque-native musician and producer, Mohammed K. Paika, breaks another personal record. The award-winning director and songwriter hits the iTunes charts and peaks at #29 with his romantic ballad “For The Rest Of Our Lives.” The artist with Indian origins also recently released a new single called “Love,” which comes with an accompanying music video, starring his wife.

For The Rest Of Our Lives” speaks about the qualities and characteristics of Paika’s beloved wife. “The song was composed from scratch with her thoughts in my mind reflecting our life and story together. Since it was a song specifically made for my wife, it was quite easy for the words to flow out while writing the lyrics. All I had to do was close my eyes and think of my wife’s superior qualities to get the lyrics straight,” explains the artist.

It’s refreshing to see a veteran like Paika not shy away from showing his love and admiration. Mohammed admits: “After 10 years of being with each other you automatically learn to identify your spouse’s qualities. I see them as a blessing. This song prompted us to celebrate our anniversary abroad in Venice, which is known as “The City Love”.  We couldn’t have thought of a better place.” 

The musician’s recent single “Love” is also inspired by his other half. In fact the music video was shot in the city that he and his wife were married in, “We usually visit Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet our relatives, but this time our trip was focused on reflecting our passion for each other and re-exploring some of the iconic spots in Albuquerque, which include areas of Old Town as well as the famous Sandia Peak Tramway.”

Offering the best of both worlds in his tracks, Mohammed Paika fuses Eastern and Western influences to produce songs that can resonate with the global audience. With his vast musical knowledge and inspirations that include Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Ahmad bin Ali Al-Ajmi, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, and Fairuz, the emerging singer will hit more charts in no time.

Watch the official music video for “Love” and “For The Rest Of Our Lives” here: