Musical artist Asad Yusupov returns with new album “Drowning”

American musical artist Asad Yusupov returns with his new EP Drowning.” Fusing his smooth dynamic mix with high electro beats, the three-track project is perfectly executed and makes for a fascinating listen. At a time when music releases are heavily oversaturated, Asad is a clear standout of an artist.

The Northern Virginia native began releasing music this year, and his following has since taken off. At the end of September, the creative released his most famous “Drowning” project, continuing his strong debut campaign. Consisting of three tracks, “Above Me,” “XXX,” and “Drowning,” Asad’s newest project introduces you to his unique blended style of pop, hip hop, and electronic music. “Drowning” is packed with infectious elements and a substantial anthemic hook. It showcases his impressive abilities to mix and will undoubtedly be inscribed into everyone’s head after one listens.

Asad is a true genre-bending artist. He is a young producer, DJ, and artist who has risen to promise in the music industry in just a short period. The almost 8-minute-long extended play is perfect for the club or your next rager.

Stream “Drowning” on Spotify.