Nora En Pure Drops New Tranquil Single ‘The Other Side’

Nora En Pure is getting right back it again with her latest atmospheric track, ‘The Other Side.’ Following off the heels of her club-inspired release, ‘Invasion of the Believers’, the Swiss-South African DJ reveals the softer side of her sound with this feel-good original.
Conjuring a soothing and blissful soundscape, Nora En Pure’s new track blends signature piano chords with a slick percussive arrangement, accompanied by serene, airy vocals. For those looking to vibe to a track that is light on the bass, but is sure to awaken your senses, this single may just be what you are looking for.
In the fast paced world we live in, it’s this peaceful atmosphere that makes me feel a little more at ease. The softer music often comes to life after a heavy few weeks of touring. It gets so busy at times, and hard to keep up with everything, so it’s key to maintain a sense of tranquillity inside. It’s no secret that I think we have gone too far with technology, the way we have become connected non-stop and are constantly available for everything, our views and thoughts influenced by things that often aren’t a reality, let alone of relevance to our individual lives. Remind yourselves often what truly matters in your life, how you spend the most valuable commodity – your time – and what you can be grateful for.” – Nora En Pure
Slow it down, relax, and immerse yourself in the tranquil melodies of Nora En Pure’s ‘The Other Side.’