Nraakors Inspire Music Fans With New Album Titled ‘Hoppel Poppel’

The Iowa-based band Nraakors have just released a new album titled Hoppel Poppel.

 Unlike anything most music fans have ever heard, this record brings together a myriad of genres into one tracklist, with folk-rock remaining the main genre acting as the cohesive element to the tracklist. 

With nineteen compositions, Hoppel Poppel takes us on a memorable journey through jazz, electro, ne-classical, French film score music, and folk-rock. 

The band members, James Kasper, Joseph Norman, and Gigi Macabre, along with their musician friends, all have very different backgrounds in music. 

James Kasper, the co-founder of the band, took piano lessons for years, learned to play the cello, the electric bass, and tenor sax. He teamed up with Joseph Norman as co-composer and Gigi Macabre as co-lyricist to complete this album. Gigi Macabre, the singer-songwriter, grew up on a steady diet of classic rock, grunge, punk, and heavy metal, along with more classical training in piano and trumpet. Joseph Norman, the co-founder of Nraakors, completed a Doctoral Degree in Music Composition at the University of Iowa in 2019. 

Best described as a record home to crossover atmospheres, Hoppel Poppel is one of the rare releases that blend so many genres with such professionalism, taste, and beauty.