OFFAIAH Releases ‘Hands’

Marking his return to Armada Subjekt, the house pillar of Armada Music, Hands is a summer smash in the making.

OFFAIAH has had a busy release schedule over the Winter with ‘Headspace’ via Mistier Music, a Harry Romero remix on Incorrect, and a collaboration with Layton Giordani and Eli Brown released on Drumcode.

His latest release, Hands, is a good summation of what the house arm of Armada Music is about – dancefloor-filling, groovy house.

At a run time of just 2.28 the track is designed to get the listener hooked early on. The main vocal hook ‘Throw your hands’ repeats and loops, opening the filter on the vocals before dissapearing on the drop. At the main hook, there’s still a crowd, party noise layered into the beat that gives the track a ‘live party feel’.

The main drums reduce during the breakdown to reveal a catchy disco acoustic drum beat which is layered with a snare rise before the track heads back to the second drop. It’s got all the hallmarks of an OFFAIAH track with upbeat flavour, catchy bassline, claps, panned vocals and a party atmosphere.

If you’re looking to add music to your summer sets, Hands, is surely one for consideration. And if you’re looking for how he does his kicks, you may enjoy this below.

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‘Hands’ is out now via Armada Subjekt and is available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

Find OFFAIAH on Instagram.

28th March, 2024