Orlando Will Block Opening Of New Nightclubs For Another 6 Months

On Monday, Orlando city commissioners decided to prolong the opening of new nightclubs in downtown for an additional six months, extending it until September 2024.

This extension, initially implemented as an ordinance last March due to concerns such as downtown nightclub density and safety issues, had its renewal signaled in February by city commissioners. The recent vote officially solidified this decision, following the expiration of the moratorium on March 20, 2024.

The purpose behind extending the nightclub moratorium is to allow city officials more time for community engagement and exploration of potential amendments to city regulations aimed at better managing nightclubs. Specifically, the city is considering revisions to land development codes and alcohol regulation.

It’s worth noting that the nightclub moratorium does provide some flexibility. For instance, there are provisions exempting nightclubs that are still in the permitting process but have not yet opened.

City officials cite various reasons for pursuing new regulations, including the desire to boost daytime activity downtown and address concerns about weekend nightlife disturbances.

The initial enactment of the nightclub moratorium ordinance last year was influenced by a downtown shooting in July 2022 that left seven people injured. City staff anticipate no immediate economic repercussions from extending the nightclub moratorium, which specifically affects the consideration of new nightclub developments within the Downtown Orlando Community Redevelopment Area.