“Overnight” By Yann Brassard Has It All To Become That Song From The Radio You Can’t Forget About

Yann Brassard, Canada-based singer-songwriter brings us the disco vibes with his latest single “Overnight,” recorded by himself during the lockdown. The track has a beautiful story behind: Yann used his mouth to record all the instruments except for the drum parts. The result is the beautiful song that we have today, and none of us would ever guess that there are no instruments playing in the super melodic “Overnight.” Real talent is capable of unimaginable wonders. The young artist inspired by 70′ and 80’s disco music and such genre creators as the Bee Gees and Prince represents his modern take on the genre with the release of “Overnight.” His vivid imagination and multi-talented nature will make you obsessed with his music overnight. You will not be able to get his tune out of your mind;  just try to vibe with it once and see for yourself.