Peg Luke’s “Love Lifted Me” Delivers An Enchanting Fusion Of Melodies & Grace 

Picture of Peg Luke "Love Lifted Me"

Revealing her newest opus, “Love Lifted Me,” Peg Luke, the celebrated flutist and pianist who has graced the prestigious stage of Carnegie Hall in numerous solo performances, collaborates with esteemed producer Dean Miller to present a captivating fresh track. With Grammy and Emmy nominations under her belt, the musician delves into the realms of deliverance and renewal, embarking on an introspective odyssey through a release that acts as a catalyst for transformation, radiating an aura of optimism and tranquility.

Peg’s melodies, infused with ethereal grace, transport listeners to a celestial realm. With her angelic voice, she sings: “I was sinking deep in sin/ Far from the peaceful shore/ Very deeply stained within/ Sinking to rise no more/ But the Master of the sea/ Heard my despairing cry/ From the water lifted me/ Now Safe am I/ Love lifted me/ Love lifted me/ When nothing else would help/ Love lifted me/ Love lifted me/ Love lifted me/ When nothing else would help/ Love lifted me,” sings Luke, casting a spell of transcendent beauty upon all who hear it.

In 1912, James Rowe crafted emotive lyrics that artfully harmonized with Howard E. Smith’s enchanting musical composition. Presently, Peg Luke  contributes her extraordinary vocal and flute skills, imbuing the arrangement with her distinct artistic flair. Drawing inspiration from the biblical narratives chronicled in the book of Matthew, which recount Jesus and his disciples courageously navigating stormy waters, the poetic verses allegorically compare the perils of sinking in water to the formidable task of triumphing over sin.

Within a captivating collection of singles, “Love Lifted Me” shines as an exceptional inclusion. It stands alongside other profoundly moving compositions such as “The Lord’s Prayer,” “God Will Be My Peace,” “The Greatest Gift,” and “I Am Home, Lord.” For Peg Luke, crafting music that resonates with the boundless love of God is more than a mere passion; it is a sacred calling. With unwavering dedication, she infuses each note she plays, radiating an enduring optimism that embraces life’s limitless potential.

Listen to “Love Lifted Me” here: