Perfume Genius shares A.G. Cook remix of “Describe”

On June 12, Perfume Genius will share IMMEDIATELY Remixes, a full-length collection of remixes based on songs from his excellent 2020 album Set My Heart On Fire Immediately. Some of the artists enlisted include Actress, Danny L Harle, Katie Dey, Jenny Hval, Jim-E Stack — today, the A.G. Cook version of “Describe” drops.

Cook may have been unusually prolific last year, dropping the 49-track 7G as well as the more conservatively-tracklisted Apple, but the “Describe” shows that he’s got plenty of fuel left in his tank. It’s a thoroughly weird cyber-jungle track streaked with sweeping synth-pop emotions. Jack Wedge directs the animated music video matching the song’s vibe with a lo-res heist in a Blade Runner-meets-Looney Tunes world. Check it out above.