Pi’erre Bourne returns with new song/video “4U”

“Underrated” and “Pi’erre Bourne” don’t belong in the same sentence at first glance: the South Carolina-born artist has been showered with well-deserved acclaim and commercial success for helping craft the sound of artists like Playboi Carti and influencing legions of producers eager to replicate his style. As a rapper, Pi’erre remains a cult figure: his excellent 2019 project The Life of Pi’erre 4 may not have found the same size audience as Carti’s self-titled, but it’s still a formidable chapter in the book of Bourne’s work, even if it’s not as widely read. If you’re unfamiliar with his solo work, take a listen to Pi’erre’s new single “4U.” It’s another passionate, free-association trap ballad that sounds like a deep breath feels. The song comes with some warm visuals showing a day in Pi’erre’s life: basketball, romance, and flexing are all on the schedule. Watch it above.

Thumbnail photo by Sean Lemoine for The FADER