Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin share “Open Up Shop” video, announce new EP

Few rappers in 2020 release music with the strength and diversity as Pink Siifu. There was his avant-punk project NEGRO, one of our favorite albums of the year, and his collab record FlySiifu’s with Fly Anakin. That album’s quality was apparent on the first play and only gets better the more you spin it and the deeper you listen, so it’s no small amount of good news that Siifu and Anakin have announced a follow-up EP, the eight-track $mokebreak, out March 19. MAVI, Zerlooperz, Chuck Strangers, and more will feature, and you’ll hear beats from producers like Black Noi$e and Ohbliv. Very much looking forward to that. Today, you can enjoy the music video for “Open Up Shop” from FlySiifu’s featuring B. Cool Aid. It’s a feel-good look at a late-night smoke session at FlySiffu’s, the record store of Pink and Fly’s dreams. Check it out above.