Pink Siifu shares new album GUMBO’!

Pink Siifu shares new album <i>GUMBO’!</i> Pink Siifu. Photo by Cinque Mubarak.  

Pink Siifu had a prolific 2020, sharing collaborative projects like FlySiifu’s (made with Fly Anakin, Bag Talk (with YungMorpheus), and NEGRO, one of our favorite albums of the year. His new solo project GUMBO’! is titled after a Black American culinary tradition where disparate ingredients are slowly nurtured into an improbably complex whole — it’s also an analogy for Siifu’s creative output. GUMBO’! has the same gleeful collage-like atmosphere as NEGRO without the rage, opting instead for a love letter to all corners of hip-hop and the Black expression that inspire it. GUMBO’! is only available to stream on Bandcamp at the moment, and you can hear it below.