pinkpantheress shares “just for me” video

Of all the artists who have discovered an audience through TikTok, there’s something special about pinkpantheress. Her sound combines the 2-step and garage of the early ’00s with bedroom pop-centric lyrics to great effect (and millions of streams). One of her biggest successes is “just for me,” the Mura Masa-produced single that continues to find a home in the hearts of Gen Z loners everywhere, and today we get the official music video.

The vibes are on point: pinkpantheress takes the stage in front of a crowd of depressed young people to perform the song, with a few cutaways to images including a tarantula and a book blowing in the wind. Adding to the nostalgia is the horrible video quality which makes it look like something that’s been living on YouTube for over a decade, waiting to be rediscovered. Check it out above.

Thumbnail photo by Jesse Crankson