PnB Rock discussed being targeted by robbers days before his murder

PnB Rock discussed being targeted by robbers days before his murder

Paras Griffin

Getty Images

Philadelphia rapper PnB Rock was shot and killed in Los Angeles Monday afternoon while eating with his girlfriend at Rosce’s Chicken & Waffles in Inglewood. Police have yet to name a suspect in the shooting, but reports from an LAPD officer and an eye witness indicate the attacker fled with several of Rock’s gold and diamond chains. 10 days earlier, during an interview with DJ Akademiks for his Spotify “Off The Record” podcast, Rock made a darkly prescient comment about how often high-profile rappers are targeted by robbers. “It don’t be spoken about, because why you want to talk about it?,” he said. “It’s so common.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Rock told Akademiks he’d never personally been robbed, though he’d had some close calls. He also implied that criminal attitudes in L.A. differ from those in his hometown back east. “Where I’m from, we like sneaky criminals, and in L.A., they bold,” he said. “They wanna spark a conversation with you first before they get into some shit.”

In the hours following reports of Rock’s death, the rap community paid tribute to the fallen emcee on social media. Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, and Denzel Curry were among those who posted in his honor.

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