Pooh Shiesty throws a party in a Rolls Royce for the “See Red” video

“See Red” is a highlight from Pooh Shiesty‘s mixtape Shiesty Season off the strength of the intro alone: we hear some paisley pop processed to dusty oblivion before Shiesty comes in with his trademark tagline “Brr!” as his many chains clank together. The contrast might be jarring at first, but by the second listen it sounds both natural and a next-level sonic flex. The rest of the track follows through on that momentum, and today Shiesty shared some visuals for a track. It stars Shiesty, two female companions, and one very clean Rolls Royce truck with a lot of red lights. “It’s one of those tracks that makes you want to get in your car and just drive fast,” Shiesty says of the song in a press statement. True enough. Watch the music video for “See Red” above.