Porter Robinson Announces Third Artist Album

Some weird things happened yesterday afternoon from Porter Robinson. Many were confused by the odd video that was uploaded to his YouTube page. It instilled some fear in the music community upon watching the video and seeing that Porter would, according to the video, be deleting his music catalog on March 1, 2024. However, the Internet remained hopeful that something new was coming from the producer.

At 12PM EST, we finally got our answer. A new album has been completed.

Update: porterrobinson.com has finally changed from the black-and-white countdown (and subsequent count-up). It allows you to enter your email or phone number for text updates now.

There are just a lot of things going on right now.

He uploaded a TikTok teaser! New font, new color, Happy Hardcore sounds!

@porterrobinson _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 😀 #NEWMUSIC ♬ original sound – Porter Robinson

One thing to note are the underscores in the caption of this teaser. Madeon also has them in his Twitter bio. Just an observation!

EDIT: Could it be called Hollowheart, just like what he teased many years ago?!

As for what the video yesterday meant apart from the album announcement? No idea. For now, we can let out a sigh of relief, that our dear Porter seems to be stronger than ever on the scene.