Premiere: Dontmesswithjuan Addresses Mankind’s Timeless Quest In Surrealist Electronica Debut Album Juan & The Pursuit Of Happiness

Montreal-based emerging Canadian artist Dontmesswithjuan is releasing her debut album, Juan & The Pursuit Of Happiness, via the record label Sono Music Group. The album was written, recorded, produced and mixed by herself. 

This 8-track collection of infectiously poetic songs sees the young artist unfold into her own genre called Surrealist Electronica, where her philosophical questions, haunting voice, dark textures, glitchy foley beats, and surrealist videos collide, creating a world outside of the human truth. She has been writing lyrics and music for over a decade. Learning how to produce electronic music gave her the ultimate tool to share her creativity. She lists Massive Attack, Amon Tobin, Björk , Thom Yorke, Lorn, and Agnes Obel, as some of the artists that inspire her, among many others. 

Talking about music, Dontmesswithjuan explains: “I believe music is about emotions. It’s about accepting to blindly throw ourselves in a vulnerable space and trust the journey enough so it can uncover what we have inside. Then, it will undoubtedly connect with other human hearts. And if we can adapt to this journey and use it to become the best version of ourselves, then maybe, hopefully, music can be our channel to make this world a better place.”

The sublime Juan & The Pursuit Of Happiness explores the human dilemma around the concept of purpose. Through the fictional character Juan and his search for happiness, the eternal human quest, Dontmesswithjuan has imagined a tracklist in which each song is a level Juan needs to go through in order to advance to the next. The metaphysical poet takes the listener on a meeting with the self, the ultimate happiness. 

Dontmesswithjuan shares: “Happiness is a timeless quest of the human kind. In some other periods of time, suffering was considered a good thing, especially for the arts. Today it seems like we are obsessing about perfect happiness as a point to reach, as proof of life success, as a characteristic trait we need to have to be a part of society.  As if we could magically find it and have it forever. This is what the title ‘Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness’ questions. Happiness has always been pulsing and shaping societies. It is a cycle we are doomed to live over and over again…..”

A trip through the conscious and subconscious layers of our souls, and yet completely rooted in truth and essence, Dontmesswithjuan’s new record beautifully embodies life’s dichotomy, only to transcend it to reach a higher state of oneness. When Juan’s initial ambition was to search for happiness, he ended-up being conscious of who he is, and fully aware of the power of being alive.  

Dontmesswithjuan’s Juan & The Pursuit Of Happiness is a hypnotic debut album set to propel the Canadian artist to unprecedented heights. 

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