Privilege Ibiza Being Torn Down

The historical remains of Ibiza’s superclub Privilege, once known as one of the largest nightclubs in the world as titled by the Guinness World Records, is officially coming down. Photos of the deconstruction of the famous nightclub have begun to surface, when only months earlier the venue received over 8.2m euros for renovations. We suspect that a new structure will be built in its place using those funds.

Known for hosting events that filled its floors with over 10,000 ravers and club-goers alike, the once prestigious nightclub began on a downhill course after an unfortunate closure in 2018. Due to an inspection that uncovered illegal capacity increasing modifications, the club was forced to shut its doors. 

A year later, Privilege Ibiza made its return, although various sections of the venue remained closed off due to conditions that were deemed unsafe. However, when the pandemic set its grasp on the world in 2020, the club once again shut its doors, leading to its ultimate demise. 

Many have hoped that the venue would see successful return in the White Isle, even after the property was bought by the hospitality group Grupo Empresas Matutes. In 2023, the venue was even awarded over €8.2 million from the local Ibiza government to renovate, leading to rumors of a possible reopening in 2025. However, the venue has continued to lay in wait and deteriorate in the process due to lack of maintenance. It’s clear now that the Privilege Ibiza we knew is gone, but we are hopeful that something newer, bigger, and better will go up in its place.

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