Radiorgasmo Release Inspiring Rock Fusion With Visuals “Joker”

Radiorgasmo, a revolutionary band based in Berlin, have recently released their latest project under the form of a single and music video titled “Joker.” Pouring inspiring vibes over a pativating soundtrack and music video, they give us hope that it is still time to change the world’s direction in terms of the kind of society and civilization we humans want to build for ourselves and the generations to come. 

After The Lo-Fi Sessions (2015), On My Way (2018), Pilgrims (2019), and Radiorgasmo (2019), “Joker” is one more important step towards building an audience of listeners who share a similar vision of current world events. From indie to rock and everything in between, Radiorgasmo are currently one of the few bands capable of channeling so much protesting via their unique sound.