Rainy Miller’s “July iii” feels like a new start

Rainy Miller’s “July iii” feels like a new start

Callan Dooly

To make new album Desquamation (Fire, Burn. Nobody), out November 2 via Head II, British artist Rainy Miller had to confront the very reasons he makes music. Lacking motivation and questioning his own motivations for creating, Miller says he began to “step away from his objectivity as a musician,” and move toward a more honest and emotional input for his work.

The process clearly worked for the artist and producer, who has previously worked with Blackhaine, Space Afrika, and others in his North West scene. Desquamation (Fire, Burn. Nobody) plays with electronic, pop, and rap tropes to create something tender and experimental.

There are echoes of Bladee‘s otherworldly output on recent single “Misery is as Misery Does” (featuring strings by Jockstrap‘s Georgia Ellery) while new song “July iii,” premiering below, catches Miller delivering fast-paced bars over a knotty drum patterns that then gives way to tranquil pianos. “Paralyzed for song long,” he sings through a thick smothering of autotune. “Never felt the buzz.” It’s a crack in the sky moment, the moment a period of inertia turns into the possibility action.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Miller said: “‘July iii’ is a song about finding strength and resolution within a person or place, the act of love, and nurturing. From a broken state, to one of healing.”

Check out “July iii” below.