Rave Jesus Releases Uplifting House Remix of Martin Smith’s “Joy”

The Christian EDM duo Rave Jesus, consisting of DJs and producers King Topher and Kevin Aleksander, has released an energetic house remix of the song “Joy” by British Christian singer-songwriter Martin Smith. The remix brings a fresh, dancefloor-ready sound to the inspiring gospel track while staying true to the song’s uplifting spiritual message.
Martin Smith originally wrote and recorded “Joy” for his 2019 solo album Iron Lung. Smith is best known as the former lead singer of the influential British worship band Delirious?, which he co-founded in 1992 and performed with until the group disbanded in 2009. Prior to his music career, Smith worked as a sound engineer at ICC studios in Eastbourne, England. With Delirious?, Smith released numerous successful worship albums and songs that made an impact in both Christian and mainstream music circles.
In the years since Delirious? ended, Smith has continued to write, record and perform as a solo artist, releasing several well-received studio albums and live worship projects. His songs, including the original version of “Joy”, are known for their honest, poetic lyrics and strong sense of melody and structure. On “Joy”, Smith sings about finding hope, purpose and happiness through faith during challenging times.
While some Christian EDM artists focus more on instrumentals or abstract “spiritual vibes”, Rave Jesus have never shied away from direct lyrics about God and faith. Their decision to remix an overtly Christian song like “Joy”, keeping Smith’s original lyrics largely intact, demonstrates their commitment to ministry through music. At the same time, the duo’s imaginative production and knack for hooks helps their tracks compete with secular EDM songs.
The “Joy” remix has been well-received by Christian and EDM media outlets, with several prominent DJs and radio stations adding it to their rotations. As live music begins to return in 2024, Rave Jesus will have the opportunity to perform the track for in-person audiences. The duo has tour dates scheduled at churches, Christian music festivals, and mainstream clubs throughout the year.
Given their ambitious release schedule and tireless work ethic, King Topher and Kevin Aleksander show no signs of slowing down any time soon. With each new track, the duo continues to push the boundaries of what Christian dance music can sound like—and accomplish—in the 21st century. As Rave Jesus wins more and more souls via EDM, other artists are sure to follow their lead.