Ravyn Lenae performs new version of “Inside Out” on COLORS

Ravyn Lenae has shared a COLORS SHOW performance of “Inside Out,” the third track from her debut studio LP, HYPNOS. The lusher live rendition of the already flowery cut features accompaniment from harpist Nailah Hunter.

In the new video, Lenae delivers the passionate self-love song in a scarlet dress in front of a pale lavender backdrop, with Hunter slightly offset behind her and to her left. At first, the only sounds are voice and harp, but a backing track soon arrives, filling out the mix with vocal harmonies and synthetic string arrangements. A key omission on the COLORS rework of the song is the drum line, an absence that makes it feel much slower and airier than the original. (Indeed, her new take is more than 30 seconds longer than the album version if you remove its spoken word outro.) Watch the video above.

HYPNOS arrived back in May via Atlantic, nearly seven years after the release of Lenae’s first EP, Moon Shoes. In the interim, she wrote a song for the Insecure Season 4 soundtrack and released two more EPs: 2017’s Midnight Moonlight and 2018’s Crush, the latter produced by Steve Lacy. She made an earlier visit to COLORS’ studio space in 2018 to perform “Sticky” (from Crush). Most recently, she shared a remix of another HYPNOS standout, “Xtasy,” featuring Doechii.

Watch her 2018 video interview with Opheli Garcia Lawler here and her 2019 “First Times” clip here.