Raw Ideology Releases ‘Analyze and Conquer’

‘Analyze and Conquer’ is out now.

Hailing from the Amazon, Brazil, but now based in Portugal, Raw Ideology recently appeared in our Show & Tell series to promote his previous release, Enemy of Myself.

Raw Ideology, real name Fernando de Sá, has already established himself in techno’s hardstyle and popular lane. His previous releases on labels such as Fine Mode, Mental Schizophrenia, and Hotstage have helped cement his sound with fans.

This latest track ‘ Analyze and Conquer’  continues that vein.

Deep rolling techno basslines, field recording effects, modulated synth basslines, filter sweeps, and even a breakbeat breakdown. The track is distinctive, too, for its shuffled hi-hat rhythms, processed vocal samples, and energetic layered elements in the mix, elevating the listening experience with a constant intensity.

A bold new production, ‘Analyze and Conquer’ reminds listeners this is a producer to watch.

Analyze and Conquer’ is out now and available to stream and download.

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4th May, 2024