Rhye’s adorable “Come In Closer” video is here

In the not-too-distant future, Mike Milosh will deliver another swooning soul album as Rhye. Home is out January 22, and today we have the project’s fourth lead single “Come In Closer.”

The song is a gentle, afterglow-lit funk track that will get all the soothing endorphins in your brain flowing, and it comes with an almost unbearably cute music video directed by Milosh and Genevieve Medow-Jenkins. It’s just two kids having outdoor adventures with a couple of kittens, but the joy is transmitted through the screen with no small degree of skill.

In a press statement, Milosh said the song explores how “as relationships deepen and you invite someone into your world, your life, your home, layers of appreciation, vulnerability, and patience reveal themselves.”

Watch the video above. Prior to “Come In Closer,” Rhye has shared the Home songs “Black Rain,” “Beautiful,” and “Helpless.”