Skybreak, Sharks, & LUTHIEN ‘Out of Frame (Cyazon Remix)’

Cyazon adds his unique signature touch to the recent production, ‘Out of Frame’ from Skybreak, Sharks, and LUTHIEN; presenting a brand-new remix, Cyazon once again comes to showcase his driving sound and compelling energy as he offers a Dubstep rework of the track, inviting listeners on a high-energy journey through intense arpeggiators, bold melodic lines and powerful details. A Producer whose committed work ethic and passionate love for music creation continue to act as the driving force behind his musical journey, Cyazon keeps making strides within Electronic Music, demanding attention as he builds a discography filled with impactful music and captivating energy. 

Known for his innovative soundscapes and immersive musical experiences, Cyazon continues to push the boundaries of the genre, continually elevating his creativity as he explores fresh territories and takes inspiration from new styles. Having recently been drawn to the euphoric sounds of Dubstep and Melodic Drum & Bass, Cyazon has been working to hone his signature style, adding original productions, alongside compelling remixes, to his release repertoire. With his catalogue rapidly growing, with an impressive number of tracks released this year alone, including his recent production ‘Lights’, as well as remixes that include a rework of Nero’s ‘Truth’, Cyazon’s creative momentum shows no signs of slowing down soon, only excelling further as he presents another production for his fans to enjoy. 


Cyazon’s remix of ‘Out of Frame’ leads through dark layers of bass pads, pulsing synths, soaring leads, punchy elements, and driving arpeggiator lines, maintaining the familiar characteristics of the original with the moving vocals that join in conversation with Cyazon’s detailed arrangement. As high-octane beats and pulsating melodic riffs introduce bold sonic power to the mix, ‘Out of Frame’ develops into an evolving soundscape of energy, seamlessly transitioning between moments of introspective calm and high-energy intensity. 


With this new release, listeners can expect an engaging experience; highlighting Cyazon’s signature style, an approach that blends elements of Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi with the contemporary sounds of Dubstep, ‘Out of Frame’ stands as a credit to Cyazon’s ability to innovate and deliver music that leaves an impression, making an impact as he continues to strive towards musical originality and present a sonic identity that is continually unique and distinct. 


So, be sure to stay tuned to Cyazon by following him across social media and dive into his latest soundscape by listening now to his remix of ‘Out of Frame’.

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