SLANDER Announces Very Own Starbase Music Festival

SLANDER is returning bigger than ever post-pandemic. Not only is the iconic duo performing at various music events, such as , but they are starting their very own event, Starbase Music Festival.

Group members Derek Andersen and Scott Land are bringing Starbase Music Festival to Charleston, South Carolina on October 8-9. Taking place in The Woodlands, the duo announced the event along with the inspiration for the idea on social media.

“Starbase was an idea we had a few years back of creating a place where all our artist friends could come together, hang out, and play music for like-minded people,” they said. “A place where everyone is accepted and loved. A place where you can open your heart, let go of all problems, and rage harder than you ever have before. A place where emotion meets power.”

Headbangers can expect ticket sales to start this week on Thursday, June 17. Fans can register for the sale and can sign-up for news on all things Starbase Music Festival.

There is nothing stopping this power group in 2021. Therefore, with a sea of emotional bass and dubstep on the way, this is an event no one can miss.

Stay tuned for more news on Starbase Music Festival.

Starbase Music Festival Flyer