Smeethan ‘s Multisensory Project: Blurring Boundaries, Awakening Senses, and Inspiring Hope


The elusive creative genius, Smeethan, is setting out an exceptional experience that pushes the limits of traditional artistic expression. Following the enthralling receptions of “THE ABSURD HOPE OF STARSHIP DESTINY” and “Soul Symphony,” he is delving into unexplored realms, crafting a multi-dimensional show aimed at awakening every facet of the human sensory experience.

Smeethan’s shift from the music domain to this all-encompassing sensory expedition is grounded in his conviction regarding technology’s capacity to stimulate the complete spectrum of human perception. At the core of this innovative venture are “Soul Symphony” and “THE ABSURD HOPE OF STARSHIP DESTINY,” both paying homage to the splendor of the natural world while recognizing human ingenuity. 

Working on a multisensory project poses a substantial obstacle. Smeethan and his dedicated team meticulously fuse elements of sound, visuals, taste, and scent, each resonating on its own and in unison. Allyx, the authority on taste and fragrance, works in close partnership with him to elevate the expedition. They tackle technical, safety, and mobility challenges with ultimate attention, employing lightweight yet robust structures.

Driven by a profound sense of humility and an unwavering passion, Smeethan extends his visionary realm onto the world stage. The artist’s venture into multisensory art embodies themes of hope, creativity, and cooperation, mirroring a lifetime of keen observations and diverse experiences. It stands as an uplifting symbol in a world yearning for solace and resilience, offering inspiration to those who encounter it.

Listen to Smeethan’s music here: