Song You Need: “Arms” is SIPHO.’s prayer for freedom

Song You Need: “Arms” is SIPHO.’s prayer for freedom

Benji Beacham

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SIPHO., a British vocalist and songwriter signed to The 1975’s Dirty Hit label, boasts the kind of voice that likely makes even his voice notes sound epic. There’s a depth to his lower register that injects a rich melancholy while his falsetto creates a feeling of sheer awe when he deigns to hit the high notes. This has been true across his early material, including this year’s She Might Bleed EP, but feels particularly pronounced on his new song “Arms.”

In a statement released alongside the track, SIPHO. explains that he is tackling a meteor heading for his generation when their desire to be “there for the sensation, not the responsibility” finally catches up to them. As such, “Arms” references the blurred line between love and lust, as well as the disposable thrill of chasing temporary highs without sticking around long enough to see what comes next. “Can we share the blame?” he asks at one point, as if it will fall to him alone if the request is denied.

Quite what the answer to these problems is doesn’t seem to bother SIPHO. as much as fixating on them in the moment. He avoids coming off as a scold by making it clear that he’s as guilty as anyone of these apparent sins. It would be easy to dismiss his concerns as simply the exuberance of youth but he delivers them with such drama and intensity that, by the time a huge guitar riff tears open the sky above, you might just begin questioning a few life decisions of your own.