Sophie Fay Exposes Her Demons in New EP Handle With Care

Sometimes we become so numb that it feels like we forgot how to feel. In those periods, the only thing capable of saving us is art. If you’re searching for something that will turn your world upside down and make you feel, Sophie Fay‘s new EP Handle With Care is all you need. It will awaken emotions deep enough to snap you out of the numbness you’ve been experiencing. 

The artist wants you to meet her demons and relate to them through your own vulnerabilities and struggles. Sophie challenges you to the core, unapologetically, because she is the artist who does not care about the mainstream. She doesn’t care if you like her or not. She creates for the sake of art, beauty, and truthfulness to herself. This approach is reflected both in her sound and lyrics. The full EP flows between purely bright and unexpectedly dark rhythms and undertones. 

Handle With Care is a scream of a vulnerable heart blended in a bunch of different music genres. The 7 tracks included in the EP are the artist’s declaration of her unique attitudes towards life delivered with a touching minimalist approach unique to the most sensitive souls. 

The album promises to become your escape card from reality into the world of dreamy soundscapes and sultry grooves, mastered ethereally, and perfected with soul-stirring vocals.