Spinnin’ Sounds goes Hypertechno with new Splice sample pack !

Setting off with one of the most in-demand genres at the moment, Splice and Spinnin’ Records deliver their newest sample pack, featuring the heavy hitting sounds of Hypertechno. It’s a music style that perfectly blends oldschool techno vibes with futuristic elements, known for its rapid beats, aggressive synth lines and sci-fi inspired soundscapes.

In its current guise, Hypertechno has incorporated various elements from electronic dance music, including techno, gabber, hardstyle and trance, leading to a whirlwind of fresh productions, blowing away today’s festival crowds. Now, it’s up to you to create the newest Hypertechno anthem, as this Spinnin’ Sounds sample pack is available at Splice.

Launched in 2019, the unique teamup between Splice and Spinnin’ Records already resulted in a wide range of releases, building an impressive catalogue of artist- and genre-inspired sample packs. Every edition includes strong tools for a producer, from upwinding grooves, heavy drops and modulated basslines to various presets and characteristic samples.

Spinnin’ Sounds – Hypertechno suitly follows earlier editions, as it perfectly catches the current wave of fresh techno productions going round clubs and festival stages. 

Essentially, the music employs sound designs that emerged about 25 years ago, characterized by intense, fast-paced rhythms, often exceeding 160 BPM, heavy basslines, and futuristic soundscapes, featuring robotic vocals and spacey synthesizer themes. Furthermore, percussion tends to be hard-hitting, while there’s an energetic and intense atmosphere, with a focus on creating a high-energy listening experience that’s designed to get people moving on the dance floor.

As we speak, these oldschool sounds have been revamped into a fresh, contemporary genre. Hypertechno is one of the strongest upcoming sounds, drawing influence from other electronic music styles such as hardcore techno, gabber, industrial, and trance, leading to a whole new signature sound, overwhelming a next generation of electronic music fans.

Effectively, DJ’s and producers are continuously creating new Hypertechno gems, making this Spinnin’ Sounds sample package on par with everything that’s going on. 

Basically, Hypertechno propels you into a future where rapid beats and advanced synths reign supreme. With over 200 audio samples and loops, from pulsating bass lines to complex melodies, this pack is your key to producing tracks that resonate with the energy of the underground. 

Be sure to get that crowd moving, cause Spinnin’ Sounds – Hypertechno is a certified shot of adrenalin for your burgeoning productions. You’ve got all the tools right here, just add your own distinct elements and get ready to leave your own, memorable mark on today’s scene.  

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Catch the newest pack here!