Sullivan King Returns to Monstercat with ‘Someone Else’

Sullivan King released ‘Someone Else‘ which is a heartbreaking song with powerful melodies and a thunderous voice that greatly complements the track.

Producer, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Sullivan King without a doubt is one of the most recognizable artists. In his career, he worked with Excision, Slander, Kayzo, and Kill the Noise, while constantly performing in world-renowned festivals.

Following three tracks featured on Excision’s Subsidia label, he makes his return to Monstercat. ‘Someone Else‘ starts with guitar melodies and vocals, moving from expertly-written verses to explosive drops.

” I wrote this song for anyone that’s struggled with relationships, especially in the last 8 months I think we can all relate to the idea of wanting things to be different. After teasing “Someone Else” all summer, I’m excited to finally put this out with Monstercat!”

Sullivan King Someone Else
Credits: Rukes

Sullivan King – Someone Else

The show-tune pops up in the middle of the track, with light vocals and snapping. However, this relaxed pace quickly disintegrates, and we find ourselves right back where we left off – with more guitar and bass.

Overall, ‘Someone Else’ radiates a dark ambiance with quite an emotional rollercoaster driven by his striking vocals and booming bass for one melodic piece.

Last year, Sullivan King released the long-awaited album, Show Some Teeth. He is always bringing music that is unlike any other we have heard in recent times. His ability to blend electronic and metal music is simply fascinating and unique.

You can listen to Sullivan King’s ‘Someone Else’ via Monstercat below.