Sydney-based singer Ngaiire makes a soulful plea on “Him”

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Ngaiire shared her soulful single “Him,” along with its simple but striking visuals, on Wednesday. On the track, Ngaiire’s impassioned vocals seem to make the ultimate plea, with harmonies bounding over sparse piano-led production.

“‘Him’ is the reality of the darkness traversed to get this album here,” Ngaiire explained about the single. “It’s a letter that would have been left if I hadn’t been able to finish it. It’s about a deeply personal conversation that no one dreams of having with the people they love. It’s about the legacy of love.”

Ngaiire describes her upcoming album as an experiment that saw her return to her native Papua New Guinea for initial visual inspiration before growing into something much deeper. “3 began as an experiment in 2017 to go back to my home country with a small creative team in the hopes of extracting unique visual aspects of my culture to present in a contemporary context and alongside music that would be composed throughout and after the research period,” she explained. “Working in reverse without having any music yet was a head-fuck to say the least and I really discovered muscles that I didn’t know existed within my creative body.”

3 drops on August 27.

Watch the stunning clip for “Him” above.

Thumbnail image by Daniel Segal.