TEF XL’s Outstanding New Music Video “RNR” Is An Authentic Slice Of Life

Hip-Hop artist TEF XL keeps bringing his creativity to the table with a latest music video for his track “RNR.” The mind-blowing visuals have an urban feel shot with utter simplicity and taste while still conveying the impact of the lyrics to perfection for viewers’ immense delight. TEF XL follows-up to “Wake Up” and “Trap Paradise,” and “Deuces,” three of TEF’s latest releases, also available on YouTube and most streaming platforms. 

In perpetual search of bringing sincerity and truth to his large audience, TEF XL was an ambitious but troubled teenager who had to go through destructive street life experiences before realizing his bigger purpose in life. In many ways, his own story is relatable to millions of people, making his art even more powerful and far-reaching. 

His music draws inspiration from 80s and 90s rap, crafted with modern melodic hints of neo-soul and enveloped in smart and socially conscious lyricism, a one-of-its-kind sonic formula that can be found in almost each of his releases to date. 

Influenced by Jay-Z, Jeezy, and Kendrick Lamar, TEF XL excels at imagining audio-biographical and socially conscious lyrical masterpieces like “RNR”. 

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