The Chainsmokers Release Lo-Fi Remixes Of So Far So Good Album

The Chainsmokers and Lo-Fi? Yes. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall just dropped a Lo-Fi remixed version of their So Far So Good album. That album debuted earlier this year. Now, this alternate version can meet your remote work needs with its chiller, filtered sound.

They steer away from their usual radio-friendly house drops and electronic synths for something surprising. Ambient pads, dreamy vocals, and aesthetic listening.  ‘Something Different‘ opens the remix album, setting the relaxed soundscape for the rest. You can hear their synth work in ‘I Love U‘ while ‘I Hope You Change Your Mind‘ rides the ambient waves of much simpler instrumentation. You’ll find each track with that gritty, grainy audio quality that we love about Lo-Fi. Paired with a calming tempo and simple drum pattern, let this become your new studying and focusing online playlist.

“I remember about half way through the making of SFSG when we had the idea of remaking the entire album as lofi. It’s not like we weren’t knee deep in finishing the main album… why not start another. But that’s what we did. We did the first song something different that day and knew we had to see this through. All 13 records. We had always been obsessed with the lush tones and simple complexity of lofi and just how relaxing the genre had been for us when we were stressed in our lives. We are so proud of it and hope it brings you all comfort and calmness. And to all the lofi pioneers out there we hope we did the genre Justice.“

The Chainsmokers on their lofi project

Check out a different side to The Chainsmokers with their Lo-Fi remix album below.

The Chainsmokers – So Far So Good (lofi remixes) | Buy/Stream