The Fleetwood Mac skater guy is one of the few people enjoying 2020

Doomscrolling has become an unavoidable habit in 2020 but there has been very little to cleanse the timeline quite like Nathan Apodaca, a.k.a @Doggface208, vibing out to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” You’ll have seen Nathan on his skateboard, chugging from a bottle of Ocean Spray and lip-synching along to the 80s-cocaine-loving band’s Rumours hit. The popularity of the viral clip made Apodaca an internet star, launched “Dreams” back up the streaming charts, and led to the band’s Mick Fleetwood recording his own tribute version (shout out whoever it was who had to explain TikTok to a 73-year-old drummer).

Things got even better for Apodaca on Tuesday when a rep from Ocean Spray turned up in Idao to deliver a truck full of the same Cran-Raspberry juice from his clip as a thank you. Oh, and the skater got to keep the truck as well. Check out the moment below.

Is this whiff of a marketing opportunity strong here? Sure! Does it matter? Probably not right now! (Please don’t Milkshake Duck us, Nathan).