The Top 7 Groovy Songs You Need To Add To Your Playlist Right Now

Many young artists try to sound edgy, adding grooviness to their music, but not everyone succeeds. We listed the top groovy tracks you need to have in your 2021 playlist. Just remember that “groovy” sounds can be really diverse, so be prepared to find some unexpected and exciting music below! 

7.Calabashed – “Take It Outside”

With inescapable drum-led grooves, Calabashed creates a wonderful jazz-tinged sonic atmosphere in “Take It Outside.” The song has just the right proportion of grooviness.

6.Gustaf – “Mine”

Delivering impossible-to-resist grooves matched with the performance style of a former improv comedian, the Brooklyn five-piece Gustaf will win you back around with their joyful track “Mine.”

5.The Lounge Society – “Generation Game”

Grooviness can be reflected differently. The Lounge Society displays the kind of groove which is nightmarish and punky, and oh Lord, they sound so good in the mindblowing track “Generation Game!”

4.박혜진 Park Hye Jin – “Like this”

The grooviness of 박혜진 Park Hye Jin‘s dreamy electronic lullabies delivered with escapist power is exceptionally better reflected in the LA-based rapper, singer, DJ, and producer’s beautiful single “Like this.”

3.Bronson – “Heart Attack”

The brainchild of live electronic duo Odesza and Australian bass house producer Golden Features, Bronson delivers a deep house groove featuring an emotional vocal performance from lau.ra, with a thumping bassline in the background. Their new song “Heart Attack” is a total banger. 

2.Edel MJ – “Three Hearts”

California-based Edel MJ brings to the scene his warm and sensual music filled with intimate grooviness. His freshly dropped track “Three Hearts” via Higher Living Music is a flawless blend of the artist’s raw charisma, talent, and groundbreaking production. 

1.SG Lewis feat. Lucky Daye – “Feed the Fire”

With groovy bassline and brain-tickling arpeggios, SG Lewis feat Lucky Daye showcases desire under the disco ball sound with breath-hitching, cosmic and thrilling undertones in the irresistible track “Feed the Fire.”