The Weeknd drops “How Do I Make You Love Me?” video and remix

The Weeknd has extended the Dawn FM universe yet again with two new pieces: an animated short — directed by Jocelyn Charles, in collaboration with Cliqua and the Weeknd himself — to accompany the album’s third track, “How Do I Make You Love Me?,” and a new version of that same song, remixed by Swedish DJs Sebastian Ingrosso and Salvatore Ganacci. (Ingrosso recently performed a headlining set with the Weeknd at Coachella as a member of Swedish House Mafia.)

In the original track’s new visual treatment, the Weeknd’s animated avatar escapes a hospital room by leaping from the window of a skyscraper. He magically survives, and gory chaos ensues. Ingrosso and Ganacci’s rendition of the song strips Oneohtrix Point Never’s production to its bare essentials, replacing it with a heavy dose of sub-bass and deep-house drum machine.

Watch the video above and listen to the remix below.