The Weeknd looks like Handsome Squidward in the “Save Your Tears” video

During an appearance at last year’s American Music Awards, The Weeknd was seen in public with a face wrapped in bandages suggesting drastic plastic surgery. The results of that (obviously fake) procedure have been revealed in the new music video for “Save Your Tears,” in which The Weeknd is made-up to look like Handsome Squidward. The prosthetics are very convincing, and seem created in service of the theme of upper class excess that appeared in The Weeknd’s last music video for “Too Late.” His fresh face takes the stage at a foreboding Venetian mask banquet, seemingly a reference to Stanley Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut. A performance for a group of anonymous and thankless power brokers is especially poignant for The Weeknd given his recent Grammys snub and subsequent tirade against the organization. Watch the video above.