Thundercat stage invader ejected after trying to sing her own song

Thundercat stage invader ejected after trying to sing her own song

Jesse Lirola

Getting on stage is always a risky move at a live show. OK, if it’s a hardcore band you an just dive back into the pit but elsewhere you’re left with either dancing awkwardly or, more likely, being tackled by security and potentially removed from the venue. Thundercat showed a remakable degree of generosity on tour in New Haven last night when he not only welcomed a fan on stage but allowed her to take the microphone. What did she have to say you ask? It must have been important to interrupt the man she (and plenty more) paid good money to see, you imagine.

Well, not quite. The unnamed woman was hustling harder than anyone has hustled before. “I’m a singer,” she said after breaking from a hug with Thundercat. It was at this point that everyone picked up on the most ambitious act of self-promotion seen this side of a viral tweeter asking you to check out their SoundCloud. Boos rang out and, as the footage below captures beautifully, one person shouted simply: “This ain’t your show, boo.”

The mystery artist was promptly pointed toward the exit to cheers. You’d like to think she took the moment with grace, aknowledging that shooting your shot doesn’t always work out. Alas, it didn’t quite go that way as she was held back by security and flashed her middle fingers in frustration.

Acknowledging the wild moment later that night, Thundercat tweeted: “Tonight was too lit. Whole night in flames. lol.” Chck out footage from the show below.