Ticketmaster Unveils Technology to Enforce Socially-Distanced Events

Despite the pandemic, the music industry has bee resilient in finding a way to keep the spirit of live music alive. Everyone in the music industry has had to adapt to new changes, including Ticketmaster.

The ticketing giant has repurposed technology to help enforce social distancing at events and ensuring safety for everyone. They recently unveiled SmartEvent, which minimizes person-to-person contact as it shifts things to be digital. This new technology will enforce contactless entry, contact tracing, and monitoring the rate of entry into the venue and more.

Mark Yovich, president of Ticketmaster states,

“We know that fans around the world are eager to return to live events and SmartEvent gives event organizers an array of solutions to help make that possible. SmartEvent brings together our advanced technology platform and industry-leading venue and seating insights, putting Ticketmaster in the unique position to facilitate paths back to live.”

Ticketmaster has designed this technology with both the venues and attendees in mind. It’s clear that they contemplated thoroughly about how they can help assist both sides. The only nuance is that registering an account with Ticketmaster will be a requirement. Fortunately, most people who have bought tickets from Ticketmaster most likely have an account made already. It’ll be interesting to watch the entire industry shift into a contactless and digital mode.

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