Tierra Whack shares new EP Pop?

Tierra Whack shares new EP <i>Pop?</i> Tierra Whack. Photo by Flo Ngala.  

Tierra Whack has shared Pop?, a new three-track EP. Announced on Tuesday, Pop? is the follow-up to last week’s Rap? EP.

Below, you can watch the music video for Pop?‘s opening track “Body Of Water.” Cat Solen directs the surreal clip, which finds Whack adopting a machine-gun flow and enjoying a glass of water in a puffy green dress.

Speaking with Apple Music, Whack discussed her newly-prolific release schedule after sticking to one-off singles since breaking out with 2018’s Whack World. “I just feel like it’s time to go to work. But like work is fun for me. I actually like my job. So it’s like ‘ok, this is another challenge’. I’m very competitive, so it’s like my manager-slash-mentor Kineat, if he’s telling me I can do something, he’s not just wasting his breath. So, I’m like ‘ok, let’s do it’. It’s not going to hurt to try.”