Tomorrowland to Launch “Lab Of Tomorrow”

Tomorrowland to Launch “Lab of Tomorrow” Entertainment Innovation Hub in Q3 of 2024

The world of entertainment is being redefined by an exciting initiative known as Lab of Tomorrow, brought to life by Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland is set to launch the Lab of Tomorrow in Q3 of 2024. This dynamic platform serves as a vibrant hub for collaboration, celebration, and bringing to life the ideas of entrepreneurs, ambitious companies, and innovative academics.

Lab of Tomorrow offers a plethora of resources to the entertainment tech community. It boasts a sprawling 3000 square meter full-service office space, designed to cater to the diverse needs of its members.

In addition to the office spaces, Lab of Tomorrow provides premium meeting rooms and event spaces. These areas are designed to facilitate productive discussions, brainstorming sessions, and networking events, further enhancing the collaborative spirit of the community.

However, it’s worth noting that seats at Lab of Tomorrow are limited. They are exclusively available for teams that harbor ambitions in entertainment technology, ensuring that every member is aligned with the community’s vision of driving innovation in the entertainment industry. Flexible options are also available for freelancers and small teams.

Lab of Tomorrow will host five state-of-the-art technology labs, each designed to provide a unique environment for exploration and experimentation: Audio Production, virtual scenography, Immersive Audio, Lighting, and Audio Mastering. They will also offer options for customized lab environments.

Lab of Tomorrow membership also includes access to the Labs community program. Benefits include a calendar full of events such as industry talks and networking events, exclusive discounts and perks from partners, and a mobile app to connect & collaborate with other members.

  • So, if you’re ready to secure your spot at the forefront of entertainment innovation, don’t hesitate. Apply to join the Lab of Tomorrow today, and be part of the revolution that’s shaping the future of entertainment.