Tora-i makes a breakthrough on new song “Serial”

Tora-i looks back over a formative but naive period of her life on her tender new song “Serial.” The track, which fuses spectral R&B production with smooth vocals and brass celebrations, is reflective and warm, filled with the kind of romantic knowledge you only gain in hindsight. “In love there’s no limit, not some shy decision,” she sings of a relationship gone bad. “Out of sight but I stay on your mind.”

The accompanying video, premiering above, takes the idea of putting a relationship into your rear view mirror literally, showing the London-based singer driving through the countryside and performing the song while at one with nature.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Tora-i said: “’Serial’ is about finally seeing things as they are/ were. I got very caught up in what I wanted to believe, but this is the marker of me realising that wasn’t the case. It was first written at the start of my understanding and since I went through many changes but its beginnings were made in warmth and I think that can be felt.”

Thumbnail image courtesy of Rashidi Noah.